In Memory

 Jeremy "J-Dawg" Colin Nagel

August 10, 1984 to April 2, 2009

I Miss You Son. I Love You,


​​​​​​​​America's Funniest Biker!

This site is currently under construction and to be quite honest I don't know if it will ever be completed.  You see I don't think people visit websites much anymore.  So therefore I'm working on an app that will contain all the information you will need to keep up with the shenanigans of my career in stand-up comedy and my travels around the globe.  In the meantime please 'like and follow' me by clicking on my Facebook fan page where you can become a member of my exclusive club "Knuckleheads."  You can also keep up with my tour schedule, any questions or comments you may have, and/or information on how to receive my newly re-released and digitally re-mastered comedy CD, "Russ Nagel 40lbs Ago."  You can also find me by clicking here: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube or Snapchat (russnagel1959) and/or pretty much every social media site available! Thank you for stopping by!

Ride safe, 


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AFB On Tour

March 28 - 31 Comedy Zone; Port Charlotte FL

April 1 - 8 Carnival Liberty

April 9 - 13 Carnival Victory

April 15 - 20 Disney Land Vacation!

April 22 - 29 Carnival Imagination

May 6 - 13 Carnival Horizon

May 16 - 22 Carnival Glory

May 25 - 26 Wiseguys Comedy Club; Ogden UT

May 27 - 31 Carnival Imagination 

June 1 - 2 Laugh Factory; Las Vegas NV

June 8 - 20 Grand Princess

June 22 - 25 Carnival Inspiration

June 28 - July 8 Grand Princess

July 12 - 15 Carnival Sunshine

July 15 - 20 Carnival Sunshine

July 20 - 23 Carnival Sunshine

July 25 - 31 Carnival Splendor

August - TBA

September 25 - 30 Laugh Factory; Reno NV

More dates will be added as they become available.

*Please note that the ship dates listed above are the days I will be on the vessel and not necessarily the start or end dates of each cruise. All dates are subject to change.